Adventure Awaits You!

Your next adventure is just a month away. Sign up now, spots fill quickly for the Okefenokee Swamp and Night Sky Photography Workshop.

Come on in, the water's just right!
Allie Gator says, “Come on in, the water’s just right!”
Starry night over Okefenokee Swamp at Stephen C Foster State Park, Fargo, Georgia.

Become A Freelance Photographer

Come on, the best adventures are just ahead. Don't wait!
Come on, the best adventures are just ahead. Don’t wait!

One of the best ways to learn about photography is to join a workshop. I recommend Rena Johnson’s Photography Workshops.

Rena is well-known in the southeastern United States for her outdoor adventures. Her fun, laid-back teaching style makes everyone feel comfortable, no matter your level of experience. She’s helpful with suggestions, yet allows students the freedom to experiment with their own ideas.

An encouraging, “If that’s the look you’re going for.” is a comment some will hear when presenting images for critique. It’s a bit of an inside joke.

The outings are more adventure, than workshop. In fact, I’ve been trying to get Rena to change the name to Rena Johnson’s Outdoor Adventures in Photography. They bring learning to a whole new level.

Click the link below and see if there is a Rena Johnson Workshop in your future! You will happy you did.

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Taking Time out to Photograph Family

Last weekend my daughter and her family posed for me. These are a few of my favorites. You can view more images at Diana Busby Photography. If you’re interested in having photographs taken of your family, leave a message in the comments or email me at diana(at)dianabusby(d0t)com. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Serenbe: A Hidden Gem for Horse Lovers

The road is long and winding, but the destination is worth the drive.

Serenbe Farms, located in Palmetto, Georgia is best known for its farmers market, but they offer a wide variety of activities for all ages. Recently, my husband and I met up with our younger daughter and a couple of her friends to try out the riding stables.

Ready for trail riding at Serenbe Farms in Palmetto, Georgia.
Ready for trail riding at Serenbe Farms in Palmetto, Georgia.
Head ’em up and move ’em out!

Stay tuned for more!

Smiles, 😀