Helping Friends of Perry Animal Shelter (FOPAS) in Perry, GA

Last weekend things really got spooky. There were goblins and ghouls parading around Occasions at Lake Joy on Lake Joy Road in Kathleen, GA.

Fear not! FOPAS, the great volunteers who help save lives and find forever homes for Perry’s stray and abandoned animals, held it’s Halloween fundraiser to raise donations for improvements of a new building. Proceeds also go to provide food and other supplies necessary for the daily operations of maintaining the animal shelter and the pet population in Perry and the surrounding areas.

Items up for raffle for a dollar a ticket.


Great food provided thanks to Teresa from Big Picture Burgers of Kathleen.


Thanks to FOPAS for letting me be a part of the fun.

Please consider donating food, kitty litter, your time, or your spare money to a wonderful organization. These volunteers appreciate any support you can give them. Click here to show your love.

More pictures available for purchase at Diana Busby Photography. 

10% of all proceeds will be donated to FOPAS .


Project 365 #sametimetomorrow

I’ve always wanted to do a 365 project, but have never focused on getting it done. This year I hope to break that habit and see how far I can go. I really want to see the improvements I make throughout the year.

I’m using my smartphone for most of the pictures, but I’ll also be adding plenty from my Nikon D5100. At the end of the day I’ll post an image that reflects the sunset; or maybe something interesting that I was able to capture during the day. It’s a work-in-progress.

Leave your thoughts as often as you like, but be constructive with your criticism.


1/365 Rainy sunset on the first day of 2017. Taken at Lake Joy in Kathleen, GA. See you same time tomorrow.